Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Am Going to Europe

I've always believed that dreams/goals are easier to achieve when you put them in writing. Whether you write it on a Post-It or in your journal or type it in your blog, then I feel once it is in print, then it will come true.

So I have added on my list of things to do: Go to Europe.

I've never been. And I've been dying to go. I have my passport with no stamps and I want to travel and explore as much as there is to explore. Therefore, with any luck and a whole lot of saving next year I will be traveling to two of my top places to visit - Italy and Greece.

I found this great website in which you can list the places you want to go and they will build an itinerary for you and tally up the total so you know exactly how much you need to save. This includes airfare, accommodations, meals, tours, etc. It sounds like heaven to me!

Not that long ago it seems I wrote a similar blog declaring how I was going to move to San Diego. How I was going to pack up life and live life as a writer by the beach. And that item on my to do list turned out quite well.

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