Sunday, April 7, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Movie #17 Goes to Mr. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was really a handsome man. He still is; it's just hard to overlook his weirdness. But one of my favorite movies is "Cocktail" in which he played a gorgeous bartender and right in his heyday of movie making. But I digress, for movie #17 on my challenge, I turned to TC and his role in "The Firm." Remember when all John Grisham books were turned into movies? I saw quite a few of them, but never "The Firm."

Tom Cruise plays a highly intelligent, but low income Harvard law graduate who is being woo'd by every law firm across the nation. A Memphis law firm captures his interest due to the benefits of a handsome salary, home, Mercedes, etc. What's there not to like? How about the fact that this law firm actually represents the mob and kills any attorney who tries to leave the firm. It's action-packed and is shot very early '90s. I feel the type font of the opening credits in late '80s and early '90s movies are pretty similar.

This wasn't a top TC movie for me, but still good. What would I consider his top performances?

#1. "A Few Good Men" - a favorite of mine. I never get sick of this movie even when it plays back to back on AMC, which it does nearly every other weekend.

#2. "Jerry Maguire" - a classic. He is so dedicated to this role and it's just a really fantastic story.

#3. "Cocktail" - The best of the 80s including that killer soundtrack.

Weird movies that had Tom Cruise - "Rock of Ages" and "Magnolia" - are two that come to mind.

What are some of your favorite Tom Cruise movies?

Movie #17: The Firm

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