Sunday, April 14, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Work in Progress

I'm not even halfway through the year and I feel like I'm doing well with the challenge. For book number eight, I read a memoir by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, who has been on Top Chef Masters as well as a guest judge on Top Chef. I love reading about food and chef experiences. This book was great as it talked about his childhood, travels and of course, cooking. I enjoy reading about ingredients. One odd thing about me: I actually like reading recipes. I'm not sure what my food obsession is about, but I can watch hours of Food Network and can indulge myself in Food Network magazines and other food blogs at the same time and perfectly content. I like it; what can I say?

Also, I am nearing the 20 mark for new movies watched. The 18th spot goes to "The Company You Keep" a new drama from Robert Redford who is definitely starting to show his age. He just looks very...rugged. I enjoyed the film, but heard lots of complaints and have read other reviews from those who do not feel the same. I do not enjoy Shia LeBeouf. I didn't hate him in this movie, but still do not enjoy him.

However, for movie number 19, I have to say, it knocked it out of the ballpark for me. Of course, I'm talking about the movie "42" the Jackie Robinson for. I think it is a great piece of sports history, maybe just history in general, as it follows the story of how the first African-American baseball player to play in Major League Baseball left his stamp on the game. To imagine living in a time of such segregation breaks my heart. To see individuals triumph from that in such a huge way gives me hope for the human race.

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Book #8: Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson

Movie #18: The Company You Keep
Movie #19: 42

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