Sunday, April 21, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Could I Read Any Slower?

I feel like I used to be a really fast reader. But I find more and more I go through spurts. One weekend I read three whole books! Granted, two of the three books were about 200 pages, but still three books is sometimes more than I read in weeks.

For this challenge, I keep thinking we're more than a third of the way through the year and I still have 40 books to read! Holy shit, how is this going to happen? But one thing that was so kind for the person who runs the @fiftyfiftyme Twitter account said was, "Hey, you're 7 books ahead of most of America!" So then I thought, well, regardless of whether I actually complete this challenge (which doesn't have a prize mind you) is that I'm reading more, which is the overall goal and I should be happy about that.

I still have not hit double digits, although I should by the end of this month. Book #9 was "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah. It's a story that spans over three decades and follows the very intense friendship between two women through their teenage years and as they grow into adults. It has a very "Beaches" feel, but it's one of the longer of her books. Apparently, this book has a sequel too that is coming out this year (possibly next month?) and I'm interested with how the author follows it up.

Kristin Hannah, for those who have not read her writing, is a very formula type writer. Meaning, much like Nicholas Sparks or a Jodi Picoult, she targets one central "issue" and really makes a strong voice for her characters so readers can get attached to them. She's a writer that has easy-to-read books. I've read a few of her books now.

So I'm still trucking along and have decided that if I reach my goal by the end of the year and complete the challenge that I'm going to reward myself. I'm not sure yet what the prize will be, but a personal sense of fulfillment will most likely not be enough for me.

Book #9: "Firefly Lane" - Kristin Hannah

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