Sunday, February 12, 2012

50/50 Challenge - Sometimes Love is Not Enough

This weekend I checked off movies 6 and 7 for the 50/50 challenge and finally read a book! I thought the book part would be the easiest of this challenge because I love to read. I started about two or three books since the first of the year and finally finished one.

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides was heavy to say the least. He is the author of The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex (for which he won a Pulitzer Prize). I haven't read either, but heard that his writing style is just that. Heavy. But the story felt real. It was a love triangle that began in college and continued through travels and marriage and craziness. The love part was secondary to me and frankly, quite boring. The travels though - through Europe, through India - love letters and self-realizations, in addition to dealing with mental illness are strong enough issues that they could've stood on their own. Maybe they should've each been a separate book versus trying to mash it all together in a big, complicated mess. But, I guess that's life. And love. And loss. Pretty heavy.

Movie #6: Safe House. Definitely not a romance, but in the end seemed sort of romantic-ish. Ryan Reynolds is a great allure, of course. Even in an interview, when asked what would bring in a female audience, Denzel Washington said, "Come see Ryan Reynolds." The two of them are pretty great leading men and Denzel is greatest when playing the hard ass, slightly crazy alpha character. The movie is full of action, a little bit of comedy and it's a stretch, but there's romance.

Movie #7: The Vow: The ultimate for this pre-Valentine's weekend. Channing Tatum (also on my Top 5 celebrity man list, you know THAT list) is such a charmer in this movie. The movie was sad in the fact that you can't remember people's memories for them and you can't wish enough for two people to make things work. Rachel McAdams is so sweet, but in this movie, for whatever reason, wore the worst clothes. Sorry, that's just something that went through my mind. There was a little surprise within the movie, but in the end, you'll see if love survives. It's not always in the way you think.

As for the 50/50 challenge, still 49 books to go and 43 movies. Any good book recommendations? There were a lot of good previews before The Vow so I think the movies are going to be covered. I'm so happy this blog post could include photos of two hot men just in time for Valentine's Day. You are welcome.