Saturday, March 30, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Movie #13 - 'The Call'

For movie #13, Halle Berry with bad hair in a new thriller "The Call" and it wasn't too bad. It's actually what occurred during the movie that was more distracting. A young couple brought in their infant child who was loud throughout the whole movie talking, screaming and playing in the area around him. Better yet, the guy was on his phone half the time.

So they decided they are going to bring their child to a R-rated movie that would have no interest to their kid, let him run around and then not even pay attention to the movie but allow their presence to ruin it for others? I mean, the movie is no Oscar contender, but people still paid money to be entertained by it and not bothered by this rude couple who set such an awful example to their kid.

Someone did complain to the the theatre and I don't know if they were asked to leave, but right before the movie was about over, the girl left first carrying the kid and the the guy left second, after rechecking his Facebook page, making a commotion dragging the stroller down the stairs. I don't understand people who have no common decency or respect for minor rules. No talking, no phones and certainly don't bring your rowdy toddler.

As far as my actual review of the movie, you can read more here.

What do you do in a situation like that? Report them to the theatre? Ask them to be quiet? I just sat there in amazement.

Movie #13: "The Call"

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