Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dream Interpretation: Fashion Fiasco?

Did you know that I'm psychic? Not like I can read your mind right at this very moment, but I am very intuitive and I can sometimes receive answers in my dreams. Also, most of my dreams seem to mean something. Of course they do. Whether it comes from your subconscious or it's something not yet to be known, pay attention to your dreams.


I had just woken up. I was living in a house that had hardwood floors. I love hardwood floors. My boyfriend was leaving and let two women in who were followed by a group of about ten people. The first woman was holding a newspaper and said my article made the front page. It was an article I had written about her (fashion) company. Next thing I know my house is full. People are eating at my table, someone is going through my closet to pick out outfits for me to wear for my interview. No one would listen to me when I asked them to leave. I literally started to usher people out. I was anxious, overwhelmed, and still in my pajamas.


I love fashion and do write for a fashion website. It would be great to see my name on the front page of a newspaper and have people making a fuss over me. Also, the clothes picked from my closet were incredible (none that are currently in my real closet) and my house was also fantastic as well.


I am not quite ready for the success I'm dreaming of? I need to prepare and make sure I am the one in control of where my career/successes go.

What do you think? What would you make of my dream?

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