Sunday, January 27, 2013

50/50 Challenge: The Mercy of Thin Air (Book #2)

When reading the premise for The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue I was excited at the idea of reading a story from the point of view of a ghost. Razi is in the in-between and she haunts a modern-day couple, Amy and Scott, while reflecting on the love of her past, Andrew. The idea of the "in-between" is something that has a fascinating quality about it on its own, but putting it into the story seems very romantic.

Unfortunately, I felt the book to be slow to get through. It's told at different time periods and going back and forth between the past (1920s New Orleans) and the present time of the novel with multiple stories going on at once. This muddled the book for me because each story seemed started and stopped without any real flow.

The secrets that the book holds weren't as juicy as I imagined them to be, so maybe that was a disappointment as well. Highlights of the book for me: setting of New Orleans (a magical city) and the appeal of ghostly actions. The rest of the details seemed just thrown in and not fleshed out to make me care about any of the characters.

I wouldn't recommend this book, but I might be in the minority on that one.

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