Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life in Balance: Barre3 + San Diego County Fair

I work out. I do. If I'm being honest, I mainly do it so I can eat more. And I want to be strong in case I ever need to kick anyone's ass.

This past month I've been able to try a different rotation of workouts in addition to my typical kickboxing/yoga/body pump classes. First, I have tried reformer Pilates. When I walked into the room, the machines looked like torture devices. Those suckers are designed to sculpt you. I've only taken three classes so far, so if you see me, just know results may vary.

Then, the Yelp Community Manager, an awesome dude named Brad, organized a Yelp Elite Event at Lorna Jane. The store, brand and vision are all incredible. They gave attendees free workout tanks emblazoned with positive messages. After our yoga workout, we were treated to Tender Greens salads, charred bread and edamame hummus and grilled veggies. Super good!

Tender Greens has the best salads

And most recently, I was invited to attend a free Barre3 event held at Hotel La Jolla on the 11th floor with a gorgeous ocean view. 


Following their yoga class they gave us free smoothies and provided a make-your-own granola bar and refreshing fruit-infused water. 

My point with all of this is that working out can actually be fun. You just have to look out for the opportunities that align with how you like to be active. If you're anything like me, you're sitting down most of the day and doesn't it worry you that one day your legs literally may be fused into a sitting position? I think about this all the time. If I had delicious, but healthy drinks and salads always prepared for me to enjoy post-workout, I might even work out more.

Whenever I'm "good" I like to balance things out by being bad and eating something like this:
Or, this:
Beer-battered potatoes with CHEESE, but what makes them Australian?
What is it about fair food that's so dang good? The fat? 

I spent seven freaking hours at the fair this year, which means I was able to see and eat everything I wanted. I went on the lift to get a good aerial view. The only thing I kept thinking is, what if I lose my flip flop?

No flip flops were lost in the capturing of this photo.
The things my friend and I wanted to do: go on a ride, watch a milking demonstration and cheer on the turkey stampede, because when else in life would you have the chance to do these three things in one day?

I learned I am officially too old to ride fair rides. I went on the long row one that flips you upside down three times in a row and then you hang upside down and when I got off, I immediately began forming a headache. Later that night at home, I thought I was dying as the headache settled in full force. I actually thought I saw the light, but I think it was the aura from a migraine.

I also became paranoid thinking about my aligned spine (from yoga and all) and how I just jacked it all up for some ride that cost me six tickets. I had to get ice cream to recover.

You can also see by the above photo that I decided making large bubbles might be cool. I waited my turn in line with all the other kids.

I can't tell you about the turkey stampede. It's just something you have to experience yourself.

Despite all my eating, I do have a tracker on my phone that supposedly monitors all your steps, although I have my suspicions about its accuracy. However, it made me look like an absolute champ. 

It was just an all-around wonderful, San Diego day. Do I think a life in balance really means work out and then eat like crap? Some days I do. Life is too long to be doing or eating stuff you don't like all the time. 

Eat the fried potatoes, the salad will still be waiting for you tomorrow. Watch turkeys run around. Sniff someone's prize-winning flowers. Eat ice cream. Indulge in all the small things that make summer and life so great.

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