Monday, June 10, 2013

The Best Job I Ever Had

The best job I ever had was when I was 17. I was a recent high school graduate, being free and loving life and spending my days as a lifeguard. Sure the training to get to that position was none too fun. I mean early morning, freezing cold, May temperatures weren't really ideal for treading water for five minutes while holding a brick. But when really is an ideal time for that? I felt like I was an extra in "Titanic." I'm sure my lips turned blue.

And why did I have to go through such training that would save people drowning in a lake when I knew the majority of my job was to twirl a whistle and yell at kids not to run on the wet, slippery sidewalk?

What better job is there than being a lifeguard at a small town pool? I woke up at noon to go to work at 1 only to get off at 5, maybe 6 or 7 for late swim, but rarely. While at work, I got to eat popsicles and Charleston Chews and then, get a tan while socializing with my friends.

Of course, I kept an eye on potential drowning parties, but none occurred. Zero. The highlight of my rescue skills was telling people they could only go one at a time on the diving board. And to assure them they weren't drowning. I had little to no responsibility and I got to do something I'd probably normally do anyway.

Not since then have I had a job which I looked forward to as much as being a certified lifeguard even though I'm pretty sure I wasn't equipped to save anyone's life. I knew what I had and even now as I pass through summer after summer, job after job, I still think back to the best job I ever had as a city pool lifeguard. 17 and the livin' is easy...

*girl in photo looks much more prepared than I ever did

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