Saturday, January 10, 2015

50/50 Challenge: Movies Update

I'm off to a great start movie-wise for this 50/50 Challenge 2015. Four movies this week to add to the one I saw just after the new year. Of the five I've seen so far, "Selma" is probably my favorite. While I did write about it for, I felt like "reviewing" it was outside the scope the importance of the story. Though dramatized, this time in American history is truly significant and remains so, so important in the world we live today. 

You can read more of my thoughts here, but watching civil injustice and thinking about that period of time is truly something is hard to swallow. It provokes an instinctual type of reaction in which my whole being rejects the idea of the violence and discrimination that people endured in my parents' generation. 

If you saw the movie, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the film. 

The first five movies of 2015 were: 

1. "The Rainmaker" - It's tough watching movies from the '90s for the first time in today's time. An early role for Matt Damon and there have been much, much better performances since then. It's hard to judge him in those early years. 

2. "Selma"

3. "A Most Violent Year" - My review will be up on when the movie releases in San Diego on January 23rd.

4. "Taken 3" - Not as bad as the second one, but that opening sequence is just awful. 

5. "Into the Woods" - I had never heard of this musical, so didn't have too many expectations for the film. Not my favorite, but stellar cast and Meryl Streep is as incredible as ever.

I'm seeing "American Sniper" and "Blackhat" next week, and hope to see Kevin Hart's new one - "The Wedding Ringer" - because he is one of my favorite entertainers. Follow him on Instagram if you want some laughs. 

Let's see who wins the trophies at tomorrow's Golden Globes. You can find me tweeting all about it. Chat with me @mscourtneybeth. Five down, forty-five to go!

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