Monday, February 10, 2014

50/50 Challenge: Lucky #7

One of these days I'm gonna make myself a reading room with a couch and ottoman and the walls will be lined with all my books...
life is but a dream
I'm right on pace with my challenge, at least book-wise. I don't worry too much about the movie part, just waiting for some good movies to actually come out.

For my seventh book, I read Blue Plate Special by Kate Christensen. The title makes me think in my head of that song "Red Light District" by TLC but for no other reason than for number of syllables, I guess.

Anyway, loved the book. More, loved the writing. I truly enjoy reading about writer's experiences writing. The author mixes her life experiences with writing ones with cooking ones, all of my favorite things rolled into one book with excellent description and equal parts of melancholy and optimism. 

She went to the Iowa Writers' Workshop and traveled a lot, ate a lot, and wrote. My idea of a good time. She was 37 when she had her first book published. So, I still have time! 

My list of books to read is finally starting to dwindle. I'm getting caught up. Any recommendations for me?

Book #7: Blue Plate Special by Kate Christensen

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