Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Future in Money

I went to a psychic yesterday and she told me that next year I will receive a large sum of money. She didn't say how much but she did say that it wouldn't come from work and I wouldn't be robbing a bank so...I'm winning the lottery? Or, maybe I am going to finally publish my novel which will immediately become a bestseller. Which of the two is more likely to happen? I feel it's about 50/50.

She also said that in the next one to two years, my income will grow enormously. This is all well and good, but my main question is HOW? Will I switch jobs? Get a raise? Get a big raise? Who knows, but really a psychic can tell almost anyone that they will be increasing the amount of money they get in a year and who will really remember?

For me, I feel like it's less a premonition than a kick in the ass as to really get it in gear with the big dreams I have. Who says that by this time next year that I couldn't have a New York Times Bestseller? Who says that this couldn't result in a large influx of money with which I will have nothing to do but roll around gleefully in it?

The psychic also said when I receive the money to act surprised. Too bad there isn't a guarantee with what she says and I can back to her to collect if it doesn't end up coming from another source.

If I won the lottery though, I already know how I would spend it. I play that game - "When I Win the Lottery" - often.

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