Monday, August 26, 2013

San Diego Reader E-Book: Tour de Cheesesteak - A lot of Philadelphia in San Diego by Ian Pike

Ode to the cheesesteak
As part of the San Diego Reader program, I read a short story about...cheesesteaks. I'm a fan of the food, but rarely crave the sandwich or have one. It was interesting to read Tour de Cheesesteak - A lot of Philadelphia in San Diego by Ian Pike as he took the time and effort to hit the hot spots of the city and review each place and the version of the cheesesteak they offered. Note to others who may want to read the story: don't read before bed. By the time I was finished with the e-book, which was under 60 pages, I was definitely craving a cheesesteak.

Pike does mention my favorite place for a cheesesteak in San Diego which is Pop's Jersey Style Cheesesteaks, Pacific Beach. It was one of the first places I ate at when I moved to San Diego and I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly the service was and how delicious (and greasy, in a good way!) the sandwich tasted. It was hearty and full of meat, peppers and Cheez Whiz, which I LOVE on my cheesesteak.

He also writes promising things about Eddie's Philadelphia near my 'hood in North Park, which I've wanted to try. When I'm down on that corner though, I see Lefty's, so it'll be tough not to get cross the street and get a deep dish pizza. The story itself is a basically a collection of food reviews, but focused on a specific food. My boyfriend had a pizza crawl last year with his brother following the same kind of quest, but for the best pizza. Maybe there needs to be another Tour de written but with focus on the pizza pie.

The book was a quick read and me being the big fan of food and all the reading, watching, and eating that comes with it, I thought it served its purpose and made cheesesteaks remain on my brain and cause a growl in my stomach.

Book #18: Tour de Cheesesteak - A lot of Philadelphia in San Diego

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