Saturday, August 24, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Liam Hemsworth, You're So Pretty

Aussie good looks
I have yet to see "Thor" so I don't have quite the same affection for the elder Hemsworth brother as I do Liam who of course, I adore in "The Hunger Games" and I first noticed in "The Last Song." In "Paranoia" he cleans up nicely as a smart kid from Brooklyn that gets pulled into a business scheme that involves Harrison Ford betraying Gary Oldman. Honestly, the movie didn't have anything that stuck for me. It was highly predictable and had too much romance in it. The highlight was the verbal fights between Ford and Oldman, but also the fact the Liam Hemsworth is oh so pretty. May have moved up on my celebrity-free-pass-to-sleep-with list.

"Austenland" on the other hand was a fun film that was filled with one of my favorite actresses based purely on nostalgia: Keri Russell. The movie was light fluff, nothing filling whatsoever, but it was charming and sweet and entertaining. Sometimes that's all you need in a movie even if the plot is ridiculous or cheesy. I am a big fan of hers although I have yet to see her dramatic turn on the FX's The Americans. I just see her as Felicity. I will probably reference that show a lot in this blog. One of the best shows ever on television.

Anyone have any book recommendations? I need to read more books for this challenge! I have a list on hold at the library that will most likely all become available at the same time. But I still feel like there's a chance for me to achieve this goal.

Movie #55: Paranoia
Movie #56: Austenland

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