Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beauty Review: Pura d'or Hair & Body Care

It's always great when I have the opportunity to try new products. Recently, I had the chance to try three separate beauty products (all full-size) from the Pura d'or Hair & Body Care line. I received the: 

  • Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo
  • Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner, Lavender Vanilla
  • Pure and Organic Argan Oil

My hair is thick and long, which made the first product inapplicable to me. This product has a stronger scent, more clinical than soothing, and it seemed drying to my hair. But again, I am not the ideal candidate for this type of product. It just came as part of the complete package. I may send it to my mom who may benefit from it better than I will since she has always had thin hair. 

The second product, the conditioner, had a calming smell of lavender. Since I shower before bed, the aromatherapy kind of helps set my mind to relaxation mode. I worked this product mostly into the ends of my hair. I did feel like I had to use more than I typically do for conditioner, but the smell and product itself worked nicely on my hair. 

I use the Argan Oil following my shower, also on the ends of my hair, to further aid in conditioning, especially since my hair becomes drier during the colder month. Sometimes I will rub some of the oil between my palms and apply to my hair in the morning to tame flyaways. 

Many beauty lovers like using products that are all organic. One fantastic perk of using these products is that you can do so knowing that you are using 100% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Everything is organic and the company is animal cruelty free. 

Have you tried Pura d'or products before? 

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