Saturday, March 7, 2015

Product Review: Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oils from InstaNatural

I've never used essential oils before, but I do know it's all the rage, especially for people devoted to Pinterest. There are a limitless amount of ideas and recipes for creating your own bath products, including lotions, bath salts, and scrubs. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I wanted to use my samples at first, but found two fantastic uses for each of the oils I received. 

Note: Due to unavailability, I did not receive the Lavender Essential Oil, which would've been great to rub into my temples before bed or take with me to yoga. 

The InstaNatural Lemon Essential Oil is highly fragrant and I could smell it before even unpacking the shipping box. Its strong scent was citrusy and fresh-smelling and turned out to be perfect for cleaning my stove. 

Cooking can get messy and leave behind food and grease stains that can be hard to get off. I use cleaning supplies from the store, but they always leave behind that unappealing chemical smell. This time to clean up, I decided to apply the Lemon Essential Oil directly to the stove and wiped down with a cloth. While it didn't get every single spot, it still did a better job of cleaning my stove than the products I had, while also leaving behind a nice smell. 

I took the InstaNatural Peppermint Essential Oil to the bathroom. Until recently, we've been having a bit cooler weather and at night, nothing is better than taking a hot shower to relax before bed. I added two droppers of the Peppermint Essential Oil directly to my shower to create an invigorating scent that helped clear up my sinuses and make my shower feel more luxurious. Though lavender is a more calming scent, the peppermint actually helped both me and my guy feel more relaxed before bed. He commented that it reminded him of when he gets a shave at the barbershop and how good it makes him feel.

There are so many ways you can use essential oils and these are just two of the ways I've tried so far. InstaNatural products use all organic ingredients and come in easy-to-use bottles perfect for mixing up your own concoctions.

How have you used essential oils before? Have any "recipe" recommendations for me?

This is a sponsored post by BrandBacker. All opinions remain my own.

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