Monday, March 17, 2014

L.A. Day

I have to space out how often I visit L.A. because as my boyfriend's brother put it the "soul crushing traffic" gets to you. Even if you cruise up the 5 at a good pace, don't think you're getting past the Citadel shopping outlet without some traffic to stop you in your tracks. 

When I decide to head to L.A. it's for a specific purpose. This particular day trip was to see the Diane Von Furstenberg exhibit next door to the LACMA. 

DVF celebrates 40 years of the wrap dress, which is still such an iconic piece of clothing, and an iconic time in fashion. The moment I walked into the gallery of dresses, I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for a few seconds. The dresses were all lined up, with dates, and some special anniversary pieces and they were all incredible. 

Timeless. Fabulous. Better yet, this exhibit was free!

Top right center dress was my favorite! 
I also had the chance to visit FIDM's Art of Motion Picture
Costume Design exhibit. It had costumes from Anna Karenina (exquisite!), Superman (awesome!) and other of this year's Oscar-nominated movies for costuming.
This special gallery was also free and gave me a chance to also head over to the FIDM Scholarship Store. All proceeds from this boutique go to the FIDM scholarship fund and there are pieces directly from warehouses, some starting as low as $5. There are mostly one of each design and some of the pieces did have some odd stitching, other assorted flaws, but the selection is incredible. I just wish I had more time to try some things on.

Beautiful display in downtown L.A. 
After my museum time, my boyfriend and I met up with his brother to check out some spots for a few drinks in West Hollywood. You can read my reviews on The Hudson (short rib tacos, anyone?) and Laurel Hardware (a speakeasy of sorts with strong drinks and fun atmosphere) at

My day in L.A. was fun, but just enough time for me to be ready to head back down the 5 to good ol' San Diego. About a month will pass before my next trip to L.A. for the Festival of Books and that should be long enough for me to forget how much the traffic gets to me every time I cross into Los Angeles County.

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