Tuesday, March 25, 2014

50/50 Challenge Update: Right on Track

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So far, so good on my goal of seeing fifty movies and reading fifty books this year. Where do you get your book ideas? The majority of mine come from the book clubs I'm part of as well as reviews I read in Elle, People, or any of the other number of magazines I read on a regular basis. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm racing through trying to reach the goal rather than enjoying the pleasure of reading a good book or watching a movie that moves you. Ah, doesn't that always seem be a struggle in life? The right balance between surging ahead, but stopping to smell the roses too.


I read The Orphan Train (Book #11) by Christina Baker Kline in two days. It was short, easy to read and a well-paced story, despite the switch back and forth between the past and present. When you think about the history of the story, it's fascinating. And reading about a red-headed orphan made me want to watch "Anne of Green Gables," the one starring Megan Follows. 

Glitter and Glue, (Book #12) the memoir from Kelly Corrigan was entertaining and certain quips had me thinking of my own mother. I got this by chance in the two-week lease option at the downtown library, which is honestly one of my favorites places to be.


You can read all my movie reviews that on Examiner.com. You can even subscribe! Wink, wink. 

My "method" for writing movie reviews involves a simple two-step evaluation. First, I decide if the movie was entertaining. Second, I decide why it was. People need to keep in mind that movies are generated towards a specific type of audience. If you didn't like the movie, it doesn't always mean that it was poorly done. It just may not have been your cup o' tea. 

Who's seen "Divergent"? Clearly, that is directed at a very specific fan base. And let me tell you, it's not just the young adult audience. I love a strong female character. Understand what bigger topics these types of movies/books (Divergent, The Hunger Games) are covering: strength, intelligence, non-conformity. I say that's something to get on board with. 

#7: Bad Words 
#8: Need for Speed
#9: Divergent

Who else is doing the challenge? How are you tracking your progress? 

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