Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thought of the Day: Burning Bridges a.k.a. I Don't Want to Know You Anymore

I had a dream where I was trying to convince someone it was ok to burn bridges. I asked my Facebook peoples if they felt that to be true and received a variety of answers, all good ones. 

There is the finality aspect of burning bridges that scares people. The part where you tell another person directly or indirectly that you do not want to see them or speak to them again. Like, ever. What happens if you meet that person down the road or inexplicably, need a favor from them? 

In my perfect world, the people who I do not care to see or do business with ever again, I hope I would never see or God forbid, need a favor from in the future!

Why would I want someone like that linked to me in any way? If they did not contribute to my success or happiness before, how would they in the future? If I did not trust that person, why would I go against my beliefs (the belief that people should not be a-holes) to reach out to them in a time of need? 

I do understand that work-wise, in certain industries, it's not always smart to burn bridges completely. But I feel that I have a good grasp of who I will see again and whose time in charge was short-lived and it is highly unlikely that their view of me would harm my reputation. I don't even think that's how it works, especially for writers. What's someone going to say about me -- she's a shitty writer? I mean that criticism is just a given with the job. 

I think the definitive part is what makes it so incredible. Why would you want to have a hanger on? If a person is not providing a positive presence in your life, why wouldn't you just scoot away? Maybe not burn the bridge necessarily, but leave them on it.

Is there a time where you've burned a bridge you wish you hadn't? Is there a time where you wish you would've let go sooner than you did? When it comes to burning bridges, what is your final answer? 

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