Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Chance to Read More Books

2014 is here! I didn't feel quite the same excitement for 2014 as I have for ushering in new years past, but maybe it's because 2013 was so darn great. Actually, there were a lot of parts about 2013 that weren't that hunky dory, but I choose to sidestep those moments.

As you know, I did not meet my 50/50 Challenge since I only read half of the required 50 books, but I'm off to a good start in 2014 with a grand total of: 1!

The Circle by Dave Eggers might possibly make you never want to post on social media again. Or, like me, you might smugly think to yourself, that would so not happen to me. I would never get sucked into such a cult-like vortex where all my validation comes in the form of 'likes' and other such made up online communication. Would I?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist and rarely think about all the things the NSA has access to regarding my life, although I know I should be more wary of it, but what do I have to share that is that exciting?

One of the creepiest parts of the book is the transparency issue. Like would you do certain things if you were watched at every moment? I know I wouldn't. Sure, I don't have much to hide but damn, a girl likes to blow her nose in peace. Maybe scratch her ass or make a mistake in private. That level of breached security, me no likey.

But, hey, that's fiction. Fiction that hits a little too close to home, but fiction nonetheless. I shall read 50 books this year! After all, I only have 49 left.

Book #1: The Circle by Dave Eggers

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