Sunday, July 7, 2013

50/50 Challenge: Steve Carell x Two

I love movies. There are several "classics" that I haven't seen but that doesn't mean I love movies any less. I think it means that when I was kid my mom was very big on us going out to play rather than letting us watch movies inside or taking us to the theater. As a matter of fact, I barely ever remember having my parents take me to the movies. But now I see at least two or three a week.

I almost to my goal of 50 for the movie part of this challenge which can give me more time to read books, but to be honest, I want to keep track of my movies to see how many new movies I actually will see this year.

For those of who haven't seen "Despicable Me 2" it's a good one both for kids and adults. It's entertaining and fun and silly much like the first one, which was a smidge better. It's one of two movies Steve Carell is starring in this summer.
I also saw "The Way, Way Back" recently and it was fantastic - definitely recommend! I love summer, coming-of-age movies. They make you be reminiscent about your own summer growing up and you can relate to how tough and great it was all at the same time. Steve Carell plays a different kind of character for this role, not very likable, but I still think he's amazing. But it's Sam Rockwell who I fell in love with -- there's something about a slacker that means well, no?

I can venture a guess that by August I will have hit 50 movies. There are so many I haven't seen, so many I want to see and then of course, there's Netflix.

What's your favorite summer movie?

Movie #38: Despicable Me 2
Movie #39: The Way, Way Back

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