Sunday, April 29, 2012

50/50 Challenge Update

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Book number four of the 50/50 Challenge goes to Ms. Jodi Picoult. Her latest book, Lone Wolf, is true to Picoult form covering a controversial topic. The characters face the challenge of whether to keep their father on life support. In addition, Picoult also did extensive research about wolves, which is a strange, but interesting subplot. However, of all her books this is near the end of the list. I was at the book signing for this book which always enhances a book, but the story itself wasn't my favorite. Maybe it's because I didn't care about the characters as much as books past. She's already started on her next book, which I am looking forward to. Book #4 though, check!

On to movies...I saw four movies this month for free! Movies 11 and 12 were two that I hadn't seen much publicity about. Girl in Progress starred Eva Mendes as a single mother trying to do a good job raising her more mature teenage daughter who has convinced herself that she needs to force her "coming of age." For this specific preview, I went to a special screening that included pastors and youth group leaders because apparently a rep from the studio is promoting to Christian audiences because of it's positive themes. But it's not a Christian movie. While, it did have good lessons, I think it's a little of a stretch to promote it that way. But what do I know? I'd say this movie is a renter.

Movie 12 was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which is the worst name for a movie. But the movie was surprisingly cute. It's an odd premise about a bunch of senior citizens from England who all go to this hotel in India as a getaway. There were a lot of separate story lines with none really interacting in a real way, but it was cute. A little slow at times, but endearing, sweet. Dev Patel was the best with his hyper-optimism over his failing hotel. This movie is a renter.

So, slowly I'm gaining speed with my challenge even though I have a really long way to go. Really, I'm not even halfway to my goal? And really, when I reach it what will I do? Cheer silently to myself?

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