Saturday, April 21, 2012

50/50 Challenge: Creepin' Closer

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I made it to 10 movies! Last week I saw Think Like a Man - for free, no less. It was HILARIOUS! I highly recommend this movie and to be honest, didn't have that high of expectations going in. Kevin Hart is great comic timing and I'm a fan of Terrence from 106 & Park. But overall the cast worked well together and it wasn't too sappy, wasn't trying too hard to be funny. It was just really freakin' funny. This movie makes movie number two of the month that I was able to see before it was released and for free. Lesson: sign up for free stuff, it's great. I have two more screenings scheduled this month, too. I love my free movie watching life.

If you want the brief synopsis of Think Like a Man it goes like this: Steve Harvey wrote a book to help women catch and keep a man. The men find out they they're being "played," try to play back and in the end turns out everyone wants the same thing. It's another lesson for single girls to follow the rules by not following the rules that don't work for you - make sense?

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In the same week that I hit my big goal of double digits for movies watch for this 50/50 challenge, I also ready my third book. Woo! Still Missing by Chevy Stevens is fucked up. I'm sorry there's no other way to say it. I read it a night, like I had previously mentioned, which wasn't the smartest thing and not really recommended. I mean doesn't take a genius to know to read about abduction by a psycho right before trying to sleep. But the real reason that the book was so messed up was because of the "turn" in the middle/near the end. It was horrible. It brought the book to a complete stop for me, which was sad because up to then it had such great momentum. It was very descriptive and good character development and all that stuff that makes a great story. But when you find out what really happened, the story behind the story, it's a little bit like, really? C'mon, REALLY? That's just me though. I have book club to discuss this book in a couple of weeks and we will then if I'm in the minority on this.

I re-watched Julie & Julia. I know I can't count this towards the challenge, especially since I watch the movie about once a month. I just love it. I also have about six fashion magazines to read through, which by page count should count towards my book reading, but alas I'll play fair.

Until my next update, I think I'll finally finish Lone Wolf. But I'm always up for book recommendations. Anyone?

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