Thursday, April 12, 2012

50/50 Challenge: Almost Double Digits

I admit, I've been slow with my 50/50 Challenge. At this rate, it'll be a miracle if I see 20 movies and 20 books this year, let alone 50. So sad too because I had very high hopes. I'm still working on reading book number three. But in my defense, I haven't had any books capture my interest to read the whole thing. Books I've started and haven't finished have included: Smut, The Year of Living Biblically (I think that's the title) and Harvesting the Heart. I just think I haven't been in the mood to read. Currently, I'm reading Still Missing which is totally creepy and not really the kind of book to read right before bed, which sucks, because I always like to read right before bed.

Good news (I guess) is that I've almost reached double digits with my movie watching. I finally saw Jurassic Park (#8) and while it was good, I know that it would've been better had I seen it when it came out. Dinosaurs are quite the spectacular creatures and I thought, why did no one ever think to make a real Jurassic Park with mechanical dinosaurs, of course. People would pay for that. The kitchen scene, which is the only scene I had seen previously, was still the scariest. I'm a fan of the herbivores myself, like the dinosaur from The Flinstones.

The Lucky One starring now hunky and of age Zac Efron is the latest from the Nicholas-Sparks-wrote-a-book-that-he-knew-would-become-an-instant-chick-flick-classic installment. This made for movie #9 for the challenge and it was pretty good. I mean not Oscar-caliber performance by any means, but very saccharine Nicholas Sparks type feelings that are needed every now and again. This movie I saw as a screening, which means that I had to wait in line early to see it (bad) but also they had treats - cupcakes and sodas - (good). BUT, also in movies like this for screenings people feel like they can talk out loud during the movie and giggle and cat call during kissing scenes, which makes it kind of an annoying environment. But who am I to complain? Free movies work for me!

So, there it is. I've not even made it 10 movies and fuggedabout the books because I am still at a lowly 2. I feel like I can have a summer blitz though, you never know. I hope my fellow 50/50ers are doing this challenge justice.

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