Sunday, January 8, 2012

Movie #1: I Almost Watched Jurassic Park

I finally did it. I watched Jurassic Park. Or, so I thought I did. My first thoughts were: dinosaurs are kind of scary and wow, William H. Macy looks exactly the same. Then, I was Googling when Jurassic Park came out and I didn't see William H. Macy on the cast list. Then, I looked at the DVD box again aaand I watched Jurassic Park III. Fail.

So, it looks like the original Jurassic Park is still on my list of movies to watch. I liked the movie just fine. Wasn't great, wasn't bad. My favorite part was near the end when they show all the dinosaurs at once just hanging out on their island. Kind of surreal. I was a little thrown off when all of a sudden the Navy and Marines come in to save them and then it just ends. I mean, I guess how else were they to be rescued, but it seemed very "oh, hey, they just came out of nowhere."

Which Jurassic Park movie has the scene with the scary dinosaur in the kitchen? Is that the first one? Because I remember that scene from somewhere. Is that in one of the movies? Or, did I dream that? Dinosaur eyes are creepy, but their allure overall is similar to UFOs or ghosts to me. Their larger than life factor makes them fascinating. Jurassic Park III, your dinosaurs tricked me into thinking I was watching the original. So close. Next time, JP, next time.

Movie #1: Jurassic Park III

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