Sunday, January 22, 2012

50/50 Challenge - Movies 3, 4 and 5: '80s Still Rule

Three movies in one weekend, pretty impressive, huh? I saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy without knowing quite what to expect, but I always enjoy a "who is it?" premise to any movie. It's about a retired intelligence officer who is looking into who could be a mole. The first half of the movie was dreadfully slow and I dozed off for about five seconds. I counted to five in my head and thought, if I keep them closed any longer I will be full-on napping.

The movie didn't turn around until the last oh, 45 minutes and even then, I was still working out who was who and where were they from. Who was Tinker again? No one was actually named Spy? Can we start again and I promise not to nod off? It was an interesting premise, but definitely hard for me to keep straight with the flash backs and location changes and all the names. There's a book, my friend told me and I don't know if that would make things clearer or just more confusing. Oh and also, Tom Hardy - I dig you. I recognize you by your lips.

I also watched The Queen starring Helen Mirren for which she won the Oscar and while I thought the movie would be amazing, I dub it "eh, ok." The movie circles around the time immediately following Princess Diana's death which was of great fascination to me during that actual time and led into a full-on crush on Prince William for a few years following. My friend recommended the movie, but secretly I feel it is only because of all those Corgis, her dog of choice.

Those two movies, while fine films, do not match the third movie I watched which was Some Kind of Wonderful, a John Hughes film I somehow missed during the years. First, let me just say the '80s is one of my favorite decades for fashion. It's so eccentric and out there and awesome. Mary Stuart Masterson is my style hero with her cut off gloves, biker jacket and perfectly glossed lips. Anyone who has ever seen a John Hughes film doesn't have to guess the premise - girl loves boy who loves girl who doesn't love him.

It shocked me to see that Lea Thompson was considered a babe, even in the '80s. Also, was nostalgic seeing Candace Cameron as a youngster and definitely MSM with her attitude and angst and raw emotion was amazing. I freakin' love '80s movies. Keith telling Watts: "You look good wearing my future." Swoon. But, one of my favorite parts was at the party and the guy says, "I'm here to kick your ass, and you know it and everybody here knows it, and above all you deserve it." I want a shirt that says that. Can't mess with the classics and John Hughes definitely knew how to crank them out.

In regards to the book portion of the 50/50 Challenge, I'm still on the first book - "The Year of Living Biblically." When did I become such a slow reader?

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