Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where's Courtney: Welcome to Denver, CO (April 2015)

What better excuse to travel than tag-a-long with your significant other on a business trip, which is exactly what I did when Mikey said he was scheduled to speak at a conference in Denver. I'd never been to Denver except for multiple layovers on my way to other destinations. Let's make a weekend of it, shall we? 

Denver is a pretty big beer city. They have one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) beer conventions in the nation. San Diego is known for its craft beer, but Denver is no slouch either. We visited a few of the breweries on an informal beer crawl of our own led by yours truly, including Falling Rock Tap House, which is located on Blake St., one of the more popular walking blocks of the city.

We also had to take in a Rockies game, but of course. A baseball game is pretty much a given whenever we travel together. Since Mikey used to work for the Rockies, he scored us some pretty sweet tickets and we enjoyed a fun time at Coors Field where I wanted to trick him into getting Rocky Mountain Oysters. Sadly, he already knew what they were, so my plans were spoiled.

The morning of Mikey's conference, I went to hear him speak and then we met for lunch at Sam's No. 3, a place that's appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and I had the pork chili verde which was uh-mazing!

We also hit up a few bookstores, coffee shops, and I ventured onto Banjo Billy's Tour Bus. Yes, it's a thing. It's nice if you want someone to point out all the main spots of Denver and give you a little bit of history, but I was slightly disappointed since I thought I had signed up for the ghost tour excursion. Apparently, I had not. 

After learning this, I kind of fell asleep for a little bit. One thing I did learn is that there is a park in Denver where there used to be a cemetery. The tombstones have been moved to another location, but the bodies haven't! Also, across from the Holiday Inn Express we were staying is an old hotel that used to have an underground tunnel for gentleman to uh, escort ladies back and forth late at night.

Denver is a pretty short getaway from San Diego. If you wanted to make the trip, you could even leave early on Saturday or after work on a Friday and still plan a fun time. 

Next time I go back, I'd like to explore Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and the Stanley Hotel nearby in Estes Park. 

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