Sunday, February 1, 2015

50/50 Challenge: Books and Movies Update
Well...I've already fallen off the movie documenting wagon. This year, I was going to review every movie I saw, whether new or not, but this quickly has come to a halt. Maybe I was overreaching for this goal? 

Since my last challenge update, I've seen nine new movies, four of which I reviewed on They are as follows:

#6 - American Sniper
#7 - Blackhat
#8 - The Wedding Ringer
#9 - The Equalizer
#10 - Gliz Zii (The Uncles)

#11 - Trespass
#12 - The Boy Next Door
#13 - The Negotiator
#14 - The Life of David Gale

"The Life of David Gale" is a movie I've been wanting to see for a long time, but never took the time to just watch it. After finally checking this out from the library, I got to enjoy another deadpan Kevin Spacey performance. I was able to figure out the twist beforehand, which I credit to my TV watching of shows like Scandal, Stalker, and Scorpion. Oh hey, alliteration.

If you haven't seen "American Sniper," I highly recommend it due to Bradley Cooper's phenomenal performance. I read his Vanity Fair interview, which said that he stayed in character throughout the duration of filming and packed on something like 20 or 30 pounds of muscle. Can't say that I wouldn't be happy if he took home the Oscar.

If you're wanting a laugh, see anything with Kevin Hart. "The Wedding Ringer" isn't highly original, but it's a fun, feel-good time. If you want to cry from wasting your money, see "Blackhat" because that was one of the worst movies I've seen in some time. I think the one before that was "Godzilla."

On to books! The last two I've read are:

#5 - Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg
#6 - Eating Wildly: Foraging for Love, Life and the Perfect Meal - Ava Chin

The first one was the focal point of a good discussion at book club. I, not a true fan of the book, was fascinated by others' point of view. My big hangup with books like this is that it seems to have an "all or nothing" attitude surrounding it, which makes it a little tough to want to "lean in" all the way. Listening to others who truly enjoyed the book, it helped me not look at it with such a critical eye. Regardless of viewpoint, I think it's an important topic of discussion.

Ava Chin's book is different from anything I've read before. She discusses her life foraging for roots and vegetables in New York City. I love any stories that talk about Manhattan, as I consider that city my first true love, and her unique adventures there are an interesting perspective to a different type of cooking. The book interweaves stories of her family, whom she is close with, and also her romantic relationships, too.

I'm currently reading It Was Me All Along, a memoir by Andie Mitchell, which I'm enjoying so far. I got this one for free from Blogging for Books. If you like free books, sign up with the site. They send you one free book for each review you leave. It's pretty easy and the books are sent out quickly. This is the fourth book I've received from them since signing up. They have new selections all the time.

So, I'm off to a good start for the first month of the 2015 challenge. Let's see if I can keep that momentum. Any book or movie suggestions, send my way!

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