Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cheers to the Patron life!

Once upon a time, Patron Social Club asked, "Hey, would you like to be our Secret Dining Society guest and eat and drink to your heart's content while you get a sweet beach buzz?" To which I quickly replied, "Um, YEAH!"

On a perfect August evening, M and I enjoyed a culinary adventure courtesy of Patron and their traveling dining crew. When they host these dinners for an exclusive 50+ guests, it is an EVENT. 

I read that when they stopped in St. Louis, it was held at Busch Stadium, an experience M would have loved being from STL and a tried and true Cardinals' fan. However, our San Diego experience on Silver Strand Beach was none too shabby. 

Here are some photos of the fun-filled evening if you didn't catch me posting minute-to-minute updates on Instagram. I also rehashed the whole beautiful thing for Examiner, complete with food menu created by one my favorite Top Chef alum, Richard Sweeney, for your reading (and drooling) pleasure. 

If you had seen me eat this, it would confirm my lack of elegance, mainly in dining situations. I first attempted to nibble it from the side and then just chomped it from the top. 

It's like we were crashing someone's beautiful beach wedding. Hey, Patron, can I just hire you to cater my upcoming nuptials? 

I don't have a bad tequila story. You know those stories you hear about people falling off curbs and vomiting in gutters, never had that. Talk to me about vodka, different story altogether. Wouldn't it be insane if Absolut had a secret dining society. Who can I start a petition to for this cause? 

I forgive whomever made up these menus for misspelling "dessert" because they were probably drunk off Patron. Hey, shit happens.

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