Sunday, April 5, 2015

50/50 Challenge Update

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Well, well, well, it's been awhile. Is it good to not have time to blog or am I not devoting myself to it like I should? I haven't had time, busy little bee I am, but I also haven't made the time either. Shame. 

I'll be traveling this week, which means I'll need to pass the time and what better way to do it than update my blog. In the meantime, I have been making slow progress on the 50/50 Challenge. I think this may be one of my slowest starts to date. 

I've seen three new movies: 

#20 - The Wrecking Crew
#21 - Get Hard
#22 - Furious 7

"The Wrecking Crew" is a cool film I saw at Ken Cinema (my first time there!) about this group of musicians who pretty much played for every big band of the 50s and 60s, including The Beach Boys, which was one of the main reasons we went to go see the movie.

Love the roll that Kevin Hart is on and while the previews didn't look that hilarious, "Get Hard" made me laugh harder than I intended. Maybe I was just in need of a good laugh that night, but I giggled pretty much throughout.

You can read my full review of "Furious 7" on, but as a huge fan of Paul Walker I have to say it was sad to see this one, especially at the end. The movies are just a lot of fun and you can tell they make them for the fans alone and that's what's important. They're so ridiculously awesome. I just hope they don't make any more because how could they go on without Paul?

Book-wise I only read a dismal two. Or, maybe I read more and forgot to list them, which would be worst! The two I read were pretty great though and I recommend both of them.

#9 - The Autumn Balloon - Kenny Porpora
#10 - The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Kenny Porpora's book is a memoir about him growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic mother and a bordering-on-homeless father, but it's written in a way that doesn't evoke pity. There are definitely sad parts to it, but you can tell the writer took to heart that he was writing about his family and did not pass judgment on them or their struggles. I like reading about people who surpass adversity to succeed.

In the debut novel by Paula Hawkins, I couldn't really put it down. It's a mystery, which I love and I honestly didn't figure it out until about three-fourths the way through. The character detail is amazing and the style keeps the pace moving because it's told from various perspectives.

There you have it. Chugging steadily along. More soon. I hope.

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