Thursday, September 18, 2014

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Thee to a Motel 6

Escaping the heatwave on my birthday

Hey-o, so the weather earlier this week...what was THAT about? Don't get me wrong, I've experienced hot, humid weather just never while living in San Diego. I've learned to deal with hot, but not I-can't-breathe-sweat-in-my-eyes kind of temps that blasted down upon us. 

Like many San Diegans, I don't have air-conditioning in my apartment, so when the temperatures rise, the old walls just hang onto all that heat and let me bake slowly inside like a chocolate chip cookie. Saturday to yesterday were bruuutal. 

And, then that pseudo-hurricane. Are zombies really getting ready to attack? I mean, is this IT?

I decided with wisdom that can only come from turning another year older, that me and my love would hit up the Motel 6. Scoff if you must at my self-indulgent decision, but I swear it saved my sanity. Once in a great while, I make impulsive decisions based on the notion that I like to do whatever I want.

Motel 6, man, is not comfortable. The sheets are scratchy and the bed is like the poor fold-out beds from the couches you had growing up. The towels are like paper towels that barely cover anything let alone dry you. But, their A/C was working like a charm with WiFi to boot!

We spent two nights at Motel 6 and went for a third night at an equally cheap hotel with equally uncomfortable linens and a weird, onion-type smell, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There is a practical side of me that knows what I could have done with that extra money, but the more dominant side of me doesn't allow for that type of reasoning. I don't know how you all handled the heat, but I applaud you. The weather is now back to a reasonable cool where the fans running 'round the clock work just fine. 

Who knew that a Motel 6 would come through in a pinch?

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