Sunday, September 9, 2012

Psychic Readings

I've been to tarot readers and psychics a handful of times. The best one I've been to was in the French Quarter in New Orleans. She was telling me a story about my life. Whether she was right or not, I'm not sure - I kind of forgot what she said.

I went to a psychic yesterday who reminded me of an old church lady that has a limp handshake and wears floral muumuus. She was a lovely lady though who was really adamant about two things: meditation and stepping outside the box. She told me two or three times that I needed to meditate, which I have done before. I'm not good at the whole setup with music and a quiet corner or anything like that, but I do like moments of quiet to really clear my thoughts. I get the point of meditation, I do. I think it's helpful for anyone and it doesn't "mean" you have to do anything, but let your mind be still.

She also said that I need to step out of my box. Which I don't like to think of myself being confined to a box, but she's right. I am comfortable in my life. I am happy and comfortable and things are fantastic, but there's always that thought that there is something more. Not something that will make me happier or feel more fulfilled, just something that I have not yet done that needs to be done.

I think this is probably writing my book.

The psychic also says she sees Hawaii in my future, which I liked to hear. Smart women she is to tell someone that they might be going to Hawaii. I wanted her to tell me I'm going to be traveling internationally soon, but the point of her reading was to tell me I have to initiate that. I can't expect that the opportunity is to lay before me. I have to "strike the match," - those were her words.

You want psychics are for, at least for me? They are to tell me things I want to hear not necessarily things I don't know. They are to make observations of things they "see" for me and I can decide if they line up with my life. She is right about reaching out to the opportunities to travel. To really make that part of my life not just a goal. How to make this happen?

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