Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Salon...

Tonight, I got my first ever Turkish coffee reading. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Turkish coffee readings. But, when I scheduled my appointment at Balboa Salon I soon learned that there was a lady there that would read your fortune through coffee. Right after they blow dry your hair.

I've had my fortune read several times. Once by a 12 year old girl at River Market in Kansas City. Once by a lady in the French Quarter. And several times by friends who've read tarot cards for me. Oh, and once by a lady here in San Diego who read my aura and promptly told me that I was 'yellow' which means bright and full of energy and happiness. And all of those psychics told me I was psychic too so there you go.

But back to the coffee. Balboa Salon had their Grand Opening tonight and I got a fabulous haircut for $20. Fabulous as in, I've tried several different salons and stylists over the years and somehow they all love my hair, but don't know how to cut it. And after she cut my hair, it took two ladies to blow dry it. They were gesturing wildly while they were speaking in a language unknown to me as they were spinning me around telling me how pretty I looked. In the oddest way, they felt like family.

They had platters full of cheese and crackers, cups full of strawberries and champagne and some type of potato salad served with pita bread in the back room. And, then there was the Turkish coffee lady who was sweet, adorable and kept thanking me for being honest with her. (?)

To tell your fortune, she brews a small cup of thick-ish coffee which is pretty tasty. She spreads out some cards and speaks rapidly in a language while an interpreter tells you what she is saying. It's very fascinating. She told me a lot of things that of course left me skeptical including some tidbit about how I will be doing a dance that will be very meaningful in January or February of next year.

But she did say that I don't have to follow money, it will always follow me (let's hope!), I will travel overseas and find great happiness and success there (I've been told that by every fortune teller I've ever been to) and that sometime in the near future I will see an owl and become very much involved with learning about them (uh, doubt it). Oh, and she says I am in sync with the moon which brings me good luck which I will tell you about at another time because that actually resonated with me. And she talked about having cats in her readings, which always a bad sign. Mine was the first time it's been seen as good and she got goosebumps. Again, this makes me laugh because I am not a fan of cats but they are of me. One in particular who follows me to my door often.

Imagine being told all of this rapid fire in a language you don't understand while she stares at the bottom of your coffee cup and into the "design" it's left behind and simultaneously continues to shuffle her cards spreading them out to decipher them. She wasn't the slow, thoughtful fortune teller type. She had a lot to say and wanted to make sure I heard it. Even if you don't believe in psychics, it's nice to hear there are good things in your future. Call it good juju or positive thinking of a peek into the brilliant future that is to come.

Or, be a grouchy cynic and think your life sucks and the world is corrupt. You know, whatever.

I won't tell you the rest of what she said, but I believe her. Because I want to. Who doesn't want to hear about being rich and successful and finding love? I don't listen to psychics because I want them to see into my future. I want them to confirm the things I already know and they usually do.

So it's no coincidence my fortune cookie had a positive message for me as well. Believe what you will. Maybe you think the world is ending. Or, that psychics are phonies. Or, that there is no such thing as mind over matter.

Maybe you'd rather just have your hair cut and not speak a word or not take things to mean more than what they do. That's completely fine too. But please tell me you believe. In something. Anything. If for no other reason then that it's fun.

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