Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Timing Is Everything

Currently, I'm working 43 hours a week at a job that I am indifferent towards. There are a few days when I really lose it and then I HATE it, and all in all, it dulls my senses, makes me weary and decreases my level of caring to practically nothing.

Recently, I went on an interview for a writing project that if offered to me will span over a 3-month period of time and require a devotion of 20 hours per week. Also, I accepted the offer from one of the companies I freelance for to help them catch up on their editing work. I went in for a full day of training to learn the systems and procedure, so that I can work from home for yet another anticipated 20 hours a week.

Add on top of that my freelance writing assignments and blog work, social networking obsession and responding to emails of those I love and I seem to be pushing the time I actually have to lay down and breathe further and further into the dark hours of the night. If we're being honest though, working 83+ hours a week is nothing compared to some people. Doctors, journalists, mothers - they all work much longer hours on much less sleep for much bigger issues and manage to get it done.

The trick is to make time for what you want to do. Those people make time for their careers and/or families. They prioritize their time, which is probably one of the biggest lessons I learned during my four years of college. Right now, if the right opportunity presented itself to me, I would agree to take it on, knowing that I could squeeze a couple more hours out of my day all for the greater good.

You don't get unlimited chances to make life what you want it be. I want my life to be fun, successful and full of memorable moments. I make time to work on projects that will help me with the future of my writing career, I work to pay bills and try not to lose my sanity and I definitely schedule time for fun. I don't mean to run myself ragged, but even if I did, I wouldn't do it without my eyes open to the bigger picture.

Don't work to work. Work to achieve something. When one goal is reached make three more and that way you stay continuously active. An object in motion remains in motion...

I pray for the opportunities that will open doors. I embrace my sleep. I crave alone time. I will get it all done. I will watch my timing. I will not let anything pass me by. I will believe in my bigger picture and see how much I can fit into it.

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